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Christmas pre-booking


Why Pre-Book?

1. Guarantee Your Festive Flair

With the rush of the holiday season, securing your preferred floral arrangements and decorations early ensures you'll have exactly what you desire. Be it the classic elegance of poinsettias or the charm of mistletoe, pre-booking ensures availability.


2. Stress-Free Festivities

Avoid the last-minute scramble by pre-booking your Christmas florals and décor. Enjoy a relaxed holiday season, knowing your decorations are sorted and ready to spread joy and warmth.


3. Customized Creations

By reserving your Christmas flowers in advance, you have ample time to collaborate with our talented florists. Create bespoke arrangements tailored to your preferences, color schemes, and the ambiance you want to create.


Our Christmas Collection

1. Enchanting Centerpieces

Picture-perfect centerpieces that will take your Christmas dinner table from ordinary to extraordinary. Choose from traditional red and green hues or opt for a modern twist with unique floral combinations.


2. Festive Wreaths

Adorn your doors with welcoming wreaths that capture the spirit of the season. From classic evergreens to vibrant arrangements, our wreaths are crafted with care to make a statement.


3. Joyful Bouquets

Spread the festive cheer with delightful bouquets to gift your loved ones or brighten up any space. Our bouquets are handcrafted with the freshest blooms, radiating the magic of the season.


How to Pre-Book

Booking your Christmas flowers and decorations with Hayes Florist is simple:


Visit Us: Swing by our store to browse our Christmas collection and discuss your preferences with our florists.

Call or Email: Reach out to us via phone or email to reserve your favorite floral arrangements and decorations.

Online Booking: Explore our website for a sneak peek of our Christmas offerings and conveniently reserve your choices online.

Secure Your Holiday Splendor Today!

Make this Christmas season merry and bright by pre-booking your floral arrangements and decorations with Hayes Florist. Ensure your festivities are filled with the fragrance and beauty of fresh blooms. Let us help you create unforgettable memories surrounded by the charm of Christmas florals.


Don't wait until the last minute—reserve your Christmas magic with us today!


Contact us at (727) 544-8847 or visit our store at

5444 Park Blvd. N

Pinellas Park, FL  33781

to make your reservations.


Wishing you a joyful and flower-filled holiday season!


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