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The Beauty of Designer's Choice: A Floral Masterpiece Awaits at Hayes Florist

The Beauty of Designer's Choice: A Floral Masterpiece Awaits at Hayes Florist


Flowers have an exquisite way of expressing emotions, celebrating occasions, and beautifying spaces. When you're in the market for a truly unique and artistic floral arrangement, one option stands out among the rest - Designer's Choice at Hayes Florist. Let's dive into the world of Designer's Choice in Pinellas Park, St Petersburg, Seminole, Clearwater, and Largo areas and discover why this personalized approach to flower selection is the ultimate choice for those who appreciate beauty with a touch of artistry.


The Artistry of Designer's Choice

Every floral arrangement tells a story, and when it comes to Designer's Choice, that story is yours to shape. Unlike traditional pre-designed bouquets, a Designer's Choice arrangement is a canvas waiting to be painted with your preferences and the florist's creative expertise.


Tailored to Your Occasion

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or simply surprising a loved one, Designer's Choice at Hayes Florist offers a level of customization that makes your floral gift truly special. You can communicate your occasion's theme, color preferences, and any specific flowers you love, leaving the rest to the skilled hands of the florist.


Seasonal Selections

One of the advantages of opting for Designer's Choice is the availability of the freshest, in-season flowers in the Greater St Petersburg area. Florists source the most vibrant and beautiful blooms that nature offers during the time of your order, ensuring that your arrangement is not only unique but also long-lasting.


Unleash the Florist's Creativity

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Designer's Choice is the opportunity to let the florist's creativity shine at Hayes Florist. Trusting their experience and expertise means you're in for a delightful surprise. Florists often use their artistic flair to craft arrangements that are visually stunning, balanced, and tailored to your preferences.


Endless Possibilities

Designer's Choice is not limited to a single style or type of arrangement. You can choose from various styles such as modern, rustic, classic, or exotic, allowing you to match your floral masterpiece with the recipient's personality or the event's atmosphere.


Perfect for Every Budget

Designer's Choice is flexible and accommodating, making it suitable for a wide range of budgets. You can work closely with your florist at Hayes Florist to select the right price point and still receive a stunning arrangement that reflects your vision.


A Surprise Worth Waiting For

For those who appreciate the element of surprise, Designer's Choice is the perfect choice. You can eagerly await the arrival of a one-of-a-kind floral masterpiece that carries your sentiments and the florist's creative touch.



In the world of floristry, Designer's Choice at Hayes Florist is the pinnacle of personalization and artistry. It transforms the act of sending flowers into a truly memorable experience for both the sender and the recipient. So, the next time you seek to convey your emotions or celebrate an occasion with the beauty of flowers in Pinellas Park, St Petersburg, Seminole, Clearwater, and Largo, consider the enchanting world of Designer's Choice. Let your imagination soar, collaborate with your trusted florist, and prepare to be dazzled by the floral masterpiece that awaits.


Ready to explore the world of Designer's Choice at Hayes Florist? Contact us today to discuss your preferences and let us craft a unique floral arrangement that's truly a work of art. Your floral masterpiece is just a phone call or visit away.


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